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Today, the economic structure of the world (the world economic structure) is fundamentally different from the past. Sustainable development in nowadays life is based on quite a few factors but some of them are more conspicuous one such as innovation, creativity and the use of knowledge.

Promoting and Developing Entrepreneurship In the country, rapid changes in the international community, the transition from the traditional society to the information society, as well as the changing of the national economy to the global economy, require different approaches to provide for the possibility of economic growth and development in society.
Undoubtedly, entrepreneurship, not only providing sustainable growth and development, but also will address current issues, including poverty, social and cultural disadvantages, the unemployment of university graduates and the dilemma of other unemployed people, and will play a crucial role in the sustainable economic development of all societies. Entrepreneurship provide foundation of the activities of different centers to transform ideas into action,
The Health Entrepreneurship Center has been officially opened in 2017 by the approval of the ACECR Chancellor and work in different kind of field; education, promotion and development of entrepreneurship in the field of health.

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